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The Low C# Theory

Jauqo III-X

(Fretless Sub Contra Bass)

featuring :
Ernie Adams - Drums
Kudzai Kasambira -Guitar
DaLawn Simpson -9 String Guitar

Low C# Theory cd

"The Theory of Evolution has taught us that what is now, once wasn't but is the offspring of all changes it has gone thru. Therefore an accumulation of variations produced by time. The Low C# Theory is such a Being. I simply would like to reinvent the way we feel Groove. - Jauqo

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Video : Chicago / 9-06-07

Jauqo III-X and his band DaLawn Simpson (Guitar) and Jim Gifford (Drums)

Jauqo III-X

Video : 2004 Detroit Bass Fest

Jauqo III-X at the '04 Detroit Bass Fest (Oct 24)

Jauqo III-X

Coffee & Conversation
Valencia Bey

Valencia Bey

Jauqo is playing fretless basss on 7 of the 12 tracks from Valencia Bey's new cd and co-wrote two of the songs on the cd.

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One Day It'll All Make Sense

Common CD
featuring Malik Yusef and Jauqo III-X

Jauqo III-X

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Jauqo III-X Unit (Live 98) "The Power Of"

listen to track

The Jauqo III-X Unit: The power of

live performance from '98

YouTube video featuring Jauqo III-X on the worlds first 15 string bass (the one in the video is fretless) made for him by Warrior instruments.

Jauqo III-X : fretless 15 string bass
Franklin Vanderbilt : drums
DaLawn Simpson : guitar
Kudzai Kasambira : guitar

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Mad About You (Ra Samba Remix) [Radio Edit]

from Mad About You (The Remixes) by NEFERFARI



Mad About You (Ra Jazz-Semba Remix)

from Mad About You (The Remixes) by NEFERFARI