A 1/2 2 12

A 1/4 2 12 is a band that is 110% improvisational. There is no rehearsing and no plans to ever do so. A 1/4 2 12 is true, sincere and uncut on the spot as it happens. No songs will ever be played twice. Once the music that is created vessels from the musicians, that is it, nless the audience chooses to capture this entity by recording their own personal experience as it happens right before their everything. When you catch  A 1/4 2 12 live the life force that you will experience is just that, a moment of existing as it morphs into an intertwining kaleidoscope of what is and will be. There are no song names.To give a song a name that has not been created yet is not being true to A 1/4 2 12.

A 1/2 2 12
Jauqo III-X - bass


? - Guitar

? - Drums






Bass Night At Riviera