The Beauty Of

Verse One -

As I hover in the tiniest realm of space, I don't know if it's rain or tears flowing down my face. The showered eyes of my soulfully joyous destiny stares unto my hearts growing journey.

Chorus -

The beauty of you soars throughout me. The beauty of you is my beauty dancing soul through soul unto the dance floor of our blessed reality.

Verse Two -

Each drop of blood flowing throughout your existence quenches my souls very thirst, and to my heart's delight it is a beloved first. I am in love with you, and intoxicated from the beautiful feeling that you loving me powerfully in return from it all being true.

Verse Three -

The reflection of our loving souls share a beauty of growth nearing a rare perfection, like touches from a blind sculptors mystical depths, bringing about a graciously unspeakable level of art that will endure all regions of the heart.

I Have

Verse One -

A burst of moment flashes throughout my contentment, and in doing so, it pleasantly crashed unto my soulful being, bringing about change through the particles of self that seem to unwind cell by cell, unlocking beauty so kind to eyes of others that.

Chorus -

I have become even stronger from my journey unto the mist of how, and why I exist throughout life's shared presence, granting me the gift to explore the growth of self even more.

Verse Two

My will to live is minutely second to my empowering need to give. Sharing with others especially you! particles of my reality as if it were rain drops each filled with my life's past, present, and future showcasing in vivid detail, the deepest regions of me. That in itself is another reason.

Verse Three -

Sometimes my smile is not one at all, but a silent hint at what I know truth has in heart for me, as I listen to the song of life's symphony. The rhythms that flow from it's essence as a strong note dancing a mist my soulful dance floor of each and every day's destiny intertwined with my smiling heart's every pulse.

I Can Stand

Verse One -

My soul is rightfully where it should be, lying in your heart comfortably the feeling sends soldiers of ripples marching throughout all corridors of my being.

Chorus -

I can stand next to you, and feel all levels of truth. I can stand next to you, and make love to myself through you if I feel the need to.

Verse Two -

Our all has made love simply by the touching of hand. And that's a part of our beauty that we innocently don't understand.

Verse Three -

Each time our souls kiss, it's as if my heart is diving for the very first time all over again into the depths of our very own sea of I loving you and you loving me.

Reality Speaks

(This is from an actual conversation I had with the higher being. it was lengthy and in-depth, so much so that I was not able to remember the whole conversation. but what I was able to remember I wrote down, and this is the extended version.)

Verse 1 -

When reality speaks, it speaks to me loud and clear. It brings to soul, that my hearts most precious desire is always so peacefully near. When reality speaks, it dances to a song of lost loves, lives, pain, happiness, and the deepest depthness of loneliness.

Chorus -

When reality speaks, sometimes it takes me back to my childhood. At times I'm even taken back into the womb I once danced from. Reality speaking to me is a music I've never heard, reality speaks is the song of life that gracefully and even roughly at times sizzle through my everything. It warns my spirit of dangers far and close, but only when I listen, and the times when I've chose not to, I've sadly and stupidly paid the price.

Verse 2 -

When reality speaks, it speaks to me in ways that are of the most beautiful voice. The stories that are told embeds years of wisdom upon me, causing a growth that's as tall as life itself. The smile it brings to my being is not a smile at all, but a light that guides me thru the darkness hidden in the depthness of dark.

Verse 3 -

Reality speaks of experience in chapters meant to unfold onto my deepest curiosity. Reality speaks through my temple of mistakes that constantly bring me back before reality. It has spoken to me thru the tears I've cried thinking I was somehow escaping the grasp of reality right before my eyes.

Verse 4 -

Reality speaks of truth and only truth. It tells me that lies never exist in my mind. A mind that truly isn't mine at all. It teaches me that it only becomes mine when I accept the growth of self.

The Spirits That Bind the Reality

Verse One -

The spirits are full of peace and harmony, they're the same spirits that cry thru me, they linger in my tears helping me to battle my deepest fears, for when I falsely feel I no longer can stand the war of reality staring right thru my entity. The spirits are sweet, and gentle at times, they're there for me in my greatest time of need, but only if that's what I truly want.

Chorus -

They're the spirits that bind the reality truth, pain, sorrow, happiness, love, like, hatred. They're the spirits that bind the reality thru the beauty that blinds my soul to allow the vision that dances thru my heart to focus on life's binding pictures of beauty.

Verse Two-

Time is a spirit of illusion that can only exist thru reality ticking into your being. Ultimately you will realize that you are time. The spirits are full of laughter, joy, and so much beauty; the spirits that feel so negative are just peaceful soldiers that have so much to give when finally understood.

Verse Three -

Birds singing are spirits of beauty reminding me of the joyful reality that I exist in. An existence of the most awesome essence of eternity, because it's the spirits that give me everlasting life. And when I see children laughing, crying, and peacefully asleep, a smile is brought to heart for.


(This is a song written from being falsely informed that a friend of mine was murdered having been shot in the head and having her hands cut off. I carried this thought with me for close to three years until one day someone came up behind me and placed their hands over my eyes, I recognized her voice.)

Verse One -

She's shed so many tears thru the years, more than she cares to remember, and who can blame her. She feels there's no tomorrow because her life exists only in a cloud of sorrow and as sad as it seems, it's only happiness to her.

Chorus -

She's possessed with the power and depthness of her most inner beauty, but she's not in control of the realm of reality.

Verse Two -

She's in a world where only she is to be, that's the core of her reality intertwined with her blinding beauty. A beauty she doesn't see for she's been in love over and over, but it's in her mind, a love that is of her very own choosing. A love that last far more than forever. A love that's meant for no one but her. As painful as it may get

Verse Three -

She's a woman of nature caught in a changing world of shallowness, and confusion, but she's strong and will endure and this she's more than sure, for if nothing else she will forever be the woman she is no matter what. With life's ups and downs and its many turn arounds she will learn whether there's a right or wrong way to live life.

Poem #1

I speak to you through my soul, the depthness of my heart, sharing it all within the mist of my very audible silence. The beauty is that it's all there even when you are left with just my unseen but truthfully showering presence. I care for! you with the most sincere and fragile of hearts, and that is from the reality of what I through you, from you, by way of God has allowed me to be blessed with. It is my mind, body, and soul that loves you not just my all, for the other side of it is my everything in between and that is just what you feel from me not just seen.

Poem #2

While walking in the rain yesterday, each drop there precisely befell my heart, held in it's beauty a verse softly singing throughout my soul in the most beautiful way. And to my ears most delightful delight, there was not one word for me to say, for all I could do was listen, but when I was! able to speak, it was from all regions of my everything as the chorus erupted from all elements of truth. I was even more thankful for you entering my life, along with the power in each raindrop lyrically continuing throughout my being to sing! sing! sing!

Poem #3

I love the touch of you. I am in constant awe, from the softness of us holding each other to the rhythm of music composed simply by our interlocked caress. I feel your soul speak to me from all regions of you, throughout years placed in the palm of my heart. And when I'm lonely, it is naturally for your passion, understanding, and beauty that you so many times before, having placed upon me.

Poem #4

When was the last time you looked thru someone and their depthness caused you to sincerely blush, can you recall the look of eyes that melted from the sweet elegant rush, you got from the smile of beauty that doesn't exist in this mist of shallowness we call life. What is it about that heart that plays of an ensemble on its way beyond heaven, or would it be heaven you warmly long for that is now before you, with all the peacefulness of a blind caress, not lasting for a second, or a brief moment but! more than eternity. Oh the feeling is graceful, and beyond heartfelt with touches of rhythm that are of the pulse of reality embedded beyond the depthness of my soul, yet not touching it at all but slowly and passionately searing thru it almost as if it's a sword with a blade made of I could give my all. How long has it been since your mind, heart, and spirit knew it was on its way onto a journey of the mind, heart, and spirit? A long awaited one. One meant for the nourishing for your being. Please if only for a moment, close your eyes and tell me what is it that you don't see, it's a brief look thru the realms of reality. The truest picture of it all. Has it ever occurred to you that your soul knows that there's another longing for it? The colors that are used to express the feelings are of the most priceless wealth, and that's the giving of self. The picture is painted from a non-tainted perspective that's meant to care, respect, understand, and give. When was the last time you were told how special you are?

All songs and poems are written and copywritten by
Jauqo III-X