Life Is

Jauqo's interpretation of Life
from his Life Journeying experiences
The Meaning behind my name

Often people ask me, or friends close to me, what does the III-X in my name represent. Well, I'm a Spirit that is continuing to Evolve and Grow and I greatly Appreciate my Past lives and the Lessons I've learned thruout this Journey. The III symbolizes what we are all made up of... Mind, Body and Soul. The X symbolizes The Infinite Level of the Deepest Inner Growth; and the continuous level of Growth; and wanting to Grow.

One of the keys to becoming successful is sticking with it. It is by reasons embedded in the mist of truth that will assist one in prevailing onto the highest expectations of self. It is very selfish for one to foolishly think that what is perceived as a talent, we are owed something or are to be given the wealth and riches of what truly would only be a reflection of selfishness. Therefore it is not something that is not only yours, but all that is allowed the privilege to coexist within the context of its creation. For it cannot be done alone; we are all connected.

When we are aware of the power of creativity, we use it constructively. When we are unaware of the power, or doubt its existence, that same power becomes destructive.

Shining my most, when I'm in the presence of my Daughters.

One of the greatest lessons: In Love, I learned from you. (To my Daughter Heaven).

We are what we are taught, while becoming what we learn.

Interpretation of life is assisted through experience.

I am what I will be, while being what I am.

I have issues at times, but issues have me.

We never see ourselves as others do.

The life I give is the life I live. If life chose no longer to express its presence would it then hinder souls' existence?

Is reality selfish if not wanting to speak to me, but to you and only to me through you?

Truth defies all levels of falseness.

We all have the abilities to create our own world, but sometimes lack the abilities to paint the picture before us.

Have you ever wondered how many moments have went by at the blink of an eye?

What am I to do if I'm not allowed to love?

Have you ever cared about someone so deeply that your soul no longer existed?

If one does not know, then silence and a open mind, heart, and soul can be their greatest teacher.

Right before things are about to get better they seem to get worse.