Sub Contra Bass

Adler SubContra Bass

The SubContra Bass is virtually a new breed of instrument. Created by Adler Guitars artist Jauqo III-X , this instrument allows a four-string player to obtain notes lower than most Extended Range Basses (ERB). With this kind of instrument there is one main advantage over the ERBs – you can get your extra range while keeping the feel of your 4-string!

Unfortunately, these strings require special electronics to reproduce their respective frequencies. Our fretted version has a specially voiced Bartolini pickup and preamp system to allow for the basses true sound to come through. Our fretless version has special prototype Villex pickups, which do a wonderful job of reproducing the strings passively. The hardware is made by Hipshot as the bridge is shaped in their "A”"style and the tuners are of their "Ultralite" variety.



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Fretless Lakland 4-94
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(with Bartolini J's and Audere Preamp)
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Ashdown MK500 210 combo

Ashdown ABM EVOIII  500 210 Combo
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Peterson Strobostomp Tuner
Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah
MXR Blowtorch
Guyatone Ultron
Digitech Stereo Phaser
Digitech Digital Delay
Digitech Jam Man Looper
Digitech bass Synth Wah
Pigtronix Electronics EP-1 Envelope Phaser
Morley Dual Bass Wah
gig-fx Chopper


Dunlop .38 Nylon
SharkTooth Crossover Pick