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Liner Notes From The Low C# Theory Recording

Low C# Theory cd

The Low C# theory is a celebration of Many things Related to Life. This recording is a reflection of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Particles that share Life's many offerings. It celebrates the Being of, and why this recording was a necessity. It is the capturing of collective Souls coming together and becoming One entity. This recording also celebrates My Low C# String Theory and my continued quest for the perfect Lows. The Music here is 100% unrehearsed (this I do not recommend). The musicians had no clue what to expect of my request for their Musicianship. There is no Net under the Sonic tightrope we ventured across, this is a step back and into at the same time, the Future onto the threshold of the lost Art of Improvisation. I only asked one thing of the musicians here, and that was Simply be yourself. This was not an opportunity to shine as a clone but to do so as Self. What you hear on these tracks are what you get, no over dubs, splicings, punch ins etc. were used anywhere during the making of this recording which was done in a day. (Kudzai and DaLawn not only couldn’t hear each other during the recording, but they weren’t able to see each other either. They both relied off of what me and Ernie were putting out and their Heart and Soul instincts). What you hear is what went to tape in the order as it was created on the spot, the mixing was done later. No Holes Barred. The Main Life Line throughout this Recording was to Maintain only the Highest level of Energy (The intertwining of the Souls here to become One, but continue the expression of self as the Individual we all are). I ask You the Listener the ?, when was the last time you felt the Spirit of Life Dance thru the Music you were Listening to? The Musicians chosen here were not chosen by me but thru me. Drummer Ernie Adams fresh off of tour with Legendary Guitarist Al Dimeola. The timing for this recording was beyond perfect. Ernie is one of the Greatest Drummers ever to sit behind a Kit, I thank Ernie Immensely for the Gifts that he has shared here with Me. From listening to the tracks one would maybe find it hard to believe that this was me and Ernie’s first time ever playing together. I just hope this can be a testament to Bass Players and Drummers in Knowing their role in the scheme of it all. Over the last several years I have continued to work with what I feel are two of the most Inventive guitarists (Abdul Hakeem being the third) I have ever come into contact with. The respect I have for these two Artists I can not put into words. But I am very Proud to bring to the World Kudzai Kasambira and DaLawn Simpson. Kudzai shares thru the Listener that there truly is more than one way Raindrops can Fall, bringing to Heart only one Spirit felt Thought, Wow! His lines are soft spoken, rugged, and enduring with just the right amount of Take no prisoners, and why should he when there is no need. What really is there to bargain for? DaLawn’s Inventive and Out approach is just an extension of self thru an open Soul, bringing to the unsuspecting that what is there to really suspect. DaLawn’s choice of colors are brought to you from the Canvas of his 9 string Guitar limited only by modern technology’s inability to maintain it’s proper pace to assist in new musical Growth. For Kudzai and DaLawn are only doing what comes natural, rewriting todays electric guitar for what it’s truly worth. It’s refreshing to know that these two true creative entities do Co-Exist amongst us, but like all Great finds, Hidden Jewel’s, Priceless Treasures, Beauty, Reality, and Truth. It’s usually right before our Minds, Body, and Soul only blinded by narrow minded and misconceived views on what it all really is. Therefore if Music is not felt obviously the task of the Spirit of life Amidst the Music Created here must continue onto Spheres not yet tapped into. If nothing else I hope you find this Music Interesting.


Jauqo III-X - Fretless Subcontra Bass (C# F# B E)
Ernie Adams - drums
Kudzai Kasambira - Guitar (right speaker)
DaLawn Simpson - 9 string Guitar (left speaker)